Priceless… on predictions and four letter words

Ros Price, Investment Committee member. It’s that time of year again – no, not just the annual spending jamboree that is the modern day Christmas Season – the time when investment professionals are asked to dust down their crystal balls and make predictions about where markets will be at the close of 2017. Occasionally some people […]

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Donald Trump and Russian Roulette

Chris Brown, CIO, 2nd September 2016 Our favourite way at looking at the US election is via poll of poll data compiled by people like Nate Silver at At its recent highs, he estimated the probability of Hilary Clinton winning in November at 83% (see Chart 1 below). One way of looking at this […]

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Market Update: August 2015

Given the recent big moves in equity markets we thought we’d give you an update on the markets as we see them today, what has been behind the moves and the opportunities we see for your portfolio today. First the drama: Chinese equity markets have fallen over 40% from their peak in June of this […]

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