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The IPS Capital investment team is responsible for the overall implementation of investment strategies and ideas.

Why choose us?

Since launching in 2007, we have rapidly become one of the UK’s leading independent investment management firms, now managing assets of £700m+. As a valued client, you’ll benefit from a hands-on, personalised relationship, with all the reassurance of traditional service, but backed by a robust investment process and risk management technology. Our dynamic service is focused on one objective: meeting your needs with seamless and stress-free efficiency.

How we’re different

IPS Capital is owned and led by our Partners, with no ties to external shareholders or financial institutions. This empowers us with the unique freedom to optimise every potential advantage – ensuring consistent performance with exceptional service. Underpinned by our proprietary risk and portfolio management tool, IPS ART, our investment strategies will meet your specific aims through insightful asset allocation and fund selection alongside quantitative and qualitative measures to mitigate risk. The cornerstone of our reporting is transparency ¬– a dedication to clarity and honesty that ensures you are always in control.

Our Process




Stage 1: Informed positions

Every successful strategy begins with strong and relevant ideas. Our concept generation results from detailed and targeted research formulated internally and gathered from trusted external research consultants.

Stage 2: Asset selection due diligence

After generating ideas, we review the applicable asset universe, covering all reasonable potential investments and filtering out any potentially undesirable characteristics (usually only funds, ETFs, and investment trusts are applicable):

  1. Initial Investment Due Diligence – reviews fund structure and administration, currency, client suitability, underlying fund overview, leverage and charges
  2. Investment Objective Alignment Assessment – ensures that each strategy meets the overall investment objectives
  3. Cost Assessment ­– selects the asset for the investment idea at the lowest cost
  4. Concentration Limits Assessment – guarantees no excessive concentration in one asset class, counterparty/fund manager, or in any underlying company, jurisdiction, equity, or bond
  5. Liquidity Assessments & Restrictions – evaluate all new investments for liquidity and availability, avoiding exposure to illiquid investments which may impact our ability to sell when we believe the time is right
  6. Asset Sale Assessment ­­– creates a clear and detailed rationale on why the asset is being sold and why cash is the preferred asset at the time

In rare circumstances where, due to market volatility or specific asset events, investment decisions need to be made without the full Asset Selection Process, we have the agility to move quickly and our CIO will exercise his discretion.

Stage 3: Adhering to potential restrictions

Some clients want us to adhere to certain restrictions – we closely monitor your portfolio and tailor our allocations to ensure that those constraints are being met at all times.

Stage 4: Applying an ESG overlay process

For portfolios with an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mandate, the due diligence process will also include filtering potential investments against ESG criteria. As a minimum, all new investments must apply ESG integration practices for collectives and have a track record of sustainability reports for listed equities.




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