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Structuring Income in Retirement

You have spent a lifetime building your capital, now it’s time to start enjoying it. The fundamental question is how much do you need to maintain your desired life style? IPS Wealth specialises in structuring the most effective retirement income strategy for you.

We are all living longer, so ensuring you have enough income to fund a comfortable retirement is paramount. The number one concern of retirees, irrespective of wealth, is running out of money. IPS Wealth will help you navigate the changes and challenges in life including health, family dynamics, stock markets and inflation, ensuring that you are always covered.


A big challenge for many of our retiring clients is how to structure their income. Most will be transitioning from known earnings, to living off many sources of capital. Few of us plan a hard stop in our career, instead looking to work with decreasing intensity, and we will guide you on how to manage changing circumstances.


Our approach

We will take the time to understand what is important to you. Understanding where you are today and what that means in terms of your retirement. 

Anticipating how inflation will impact your personal situation is key, as different categories of expenditure inflate at different rates. Counter-intuitively, discretionary expenditure in retirement tends to decrease over time, meaning most clients need more funds in the active stage of retirement, as opposed to later life.

Together we will ensure you are comfortable for the rest of your days, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle while being prepared for unexpected health issues.

We will discuss key factors, trade-offs and priorities while exploring the different options, tailoring a personal strategy that lasts your lifetime.

After a number of false starts with rogue people, I have found Anne McClean who fits my requirements perfectly. Unless this is your profession, you need someone just like her to take the right financial decisions for you.

Christopher H., Retired Vet

Anne has acted as my financial planner for nearly 10 years and I could not be more satisfied with the service I have received or the relationship we have built. I trust her and her team completely and, under her guidance and the skills of the investors she works with, I have seen my ‘nest egg’ flourish, even during challenging financial times.

Viv N., Retired from Professional Services


Anne McClean


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