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IPS Consulting is a service provided to give families and individuals the peace of mind that your portfolios are performing as expected.

Successful investments are made up of multiple assets and strategies. This combination can create a level of complexity that may be difficult to interpret for clients.

IPS Consulting alleviates uncertainty by monitoring investments and investment managers to ensure that your portfolios are on target to deliver expected performance. We work directly for our clients, acting in their interests to ensure that their needs and objectives are being enacted.


We work with your investment managers but are always working for you. IPS Capital is set up as a partnership. As an owner-managed business, our success is wedded to the services we provide to our clients. In our role as consultants, we are the eyes and ears for your wealth. We understand the dynamics of your portfolio and interpret it though the lens of your family to make it accessible and tangible.

Independence is a cornerstone of our business, and we apply this using the rigour and discipline inherent in our firm’s culture to give clients clear, unambiguous understanding of their investments. As your representatives, we provide guidance and advice to you and ensure that your investment managers maintain the standards you expect.

We have a long track record as consultants working with individual clients, families, deputies, trustees and their clients. Our aim is to empower fully informed decisions by giving clients control and making their investments simpler.

The IPS Consulting service

We are flexible in our approach and tailor our service to compliment client’s needs. Below are some of the key areas we help with:

Objective assessment

We invest the time to understand your requirements, your attitude to risk and what matters most to you, creating an Investment Policy Framework based on your objectives. This framework gives us the mandate and understanding to analyse and review your portfolios to ensure they are aligned with your needs.

Portfolio risk review

Risk management is fundamental to ensure that portfolios remain within the risk parameters agreed in the Investment Policy Framework. We undertake a deep dive analysis of each constituent asset and how, on a portfolio level, each investment combines to provide an overall risk assessment.

Portfolio performance review and monitoring

We provide a detailed review of investment performance in conjunction with our risk assessment at the start of our relationship. We then monitor your investment managers to ensure they stay in line with your Investment Policy Framework to achieve the level of performance you expect, without stretching your risk levels. We challenge on your behalf wherever necessary to keep them on track.

Cost assessment

We assess the fees you’re paying to ensure that the costs are appropriate. Investing is not free, but the fees and charges you pay should be competitive, and not an unnecessary drag on investment performance.

Consolidated reporting

Investment valuation reports from different managers can be cumbersome to interpret and compare, so we wrap all performance into a single report with as much detail in the executive summary as you are comfortable with. The Consulting team at IPS Capital are all client-facing and so we are experienced in translating investment jargon into ordinary language. How and when we report is up to you – we are your consultants and our service is built around your requirements.

ESG review

Investing according to ESG principles is important to an increasing number of clients and can be very personal. We can incorporate your ESG principles into your Investment Policy Framework and use these preferences in our initial review and on-going monitoring to ensure they are always being met.

Why IPS Consulting?


We are independent investment professionals, which gives us invaluable insight into the investment strategies and operations of investment managers in our remit. This makes our monitoring more in depth than simply a performance review – we know what to look for, seeing through presentation over substance from the investment managers we monitor on our clients’ behalf.


  • Independent expertise provided by experienced investment professionals
  • Insight gained from the experience of managing money
  • A partner owned business where our success is wedded to that of our service to our clients
  • Clear, unambiguous reporting
  • Personal representation with your investment managers, always acting on your behalf

I have worked with Simon Moriarty for a considerable number of years now, particularly seeking his advice on trustee investment strategies and portfolio management. Simon’s judgement and expertise are second to none and have helped me avoid many a sleepless night!

James Hardaker, Partner, Stevens & Bolton LLP

I have used several wealth managers over the years, but I now rely almost entirely on Jonathan Blain at IPS. It is a very personal service, unlike many of the other larger companies. The information, both verbal and written, is splendidly concise and their advice is shrewd and sensible. I would and indeed do readily recommend IPS.

John B., Publisher

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