Investment Management

Individuals and Families

Whatever your circumstances and aspirations, IPS Capital is here to help you achieve your objectives by developing robust and adaptable investment strategies that yield sustainable results. We will work to provide the right services for you and your family.

How we help


Multi-asset investment management

Delivers a targeted return backed by controlled risk management for medium to longer-term investors. We aim to beat inflation while generating income and growth.


Cash management

Aims to produce enhanced returns when compared to cash deposit rates, by using money market funds, as well as government securities and short-term, high-quality bonds.


Tax management

Optimises tax wherever possible by using tax allowances and intelligently allocating assets across your portfolio. This concentrates higher-taxed assets in the most efficient way. Where appropriate, we also work closely with our Wealth Planning colleagues to offer additional tax mitigation services.


Types of accounts available:

  • General Investment Accounts (GIAs)
  • Pension funds, both for SIPPs (individuals) or SSASs (corporate pension schemes)
  • Corporate
  • Charity/Trust
  • Offshore/Onshore bonds


Jonathan Blain

Managing Partner

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Simon Moriarty


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Jonathan Fennell


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Matthew Hunt


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Julia Young

Investment Manager

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Roger Ballard


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