Investment Management

Offshore Clients

We are an experienced provider of investment management services to international clients. We offer a range of tailored, risk-managed, multi-asset and single-strategy investment solutions for professional advisers, trustees and private clients around the world.

In most cases of residency or domicile, IPS Capital can offer specialist services to meet your every need. In addition, we can accommodate non-resident corporates, trusts, family limited partnerships and foundations. We run portfolios in all major currencies, so whatever your requirements, we will ensure your investment needs are covered and help you manage the complexities of your status as a global citizen.

Mitigating tax risk

Many of our clients have nuanced tax considerations; we ensure that these are encoded into our intelligent trading system to avoid negative outcomes.

Examples of potential pitfalls are:

  • Assets held in custody by an onshore custodian
  • Capital and income tax contamination
  • UK or French situs assets

Given the complexity involved with these portfolios, we employ our advanced trading technology, IPS ART, to bring quantitative control to limit human error in the challenging process of matching assets to the tax requirements on your account.


Jonathan Blain

Managing Partner

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Julia Young

Investment Manager

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