US markets don’t seem to believe US economists | Weekly Market Update

19 July, 2024

Luckily, IPS is not (yet) a user of Microsoft Azure and 365. This means (unlike Sky News) I am able to keep on with my… Read More

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2024 Q2 ESG Market Review

17 July, 2024

The Investment Trust Green Opportunity The Labour coalition has won a staggering majority in the July general election. I thought this was a good time… Read More

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2024 Q2 Market Review

17 July, 2024

Summary • Inflation is (slowly) coming back under control. Economic growth remains steady and, if anything, looks to be improving in the UK and Europe. Read More

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The Labour landslide and some thoughts on UK markets | Weekly Market Update

5 July, 2024

As expected, Labour have won their landslide. Given that they have been odds on to do this since the election was called in May the… Read More

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How might pensions change under a Labour Government?

2 July, 2024

As we wait for the elections this week, many clients are wondering what they should be doing with their pensions. It appears the spectre of… Read More

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Time to think about a Trump second term | Weekly Market Update

28 June, 2024

Following Joe Biden’s by all accounts catastrophic debate performance, it is time to think again about what a Trump presidency would look like for investment… Read More

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Not much news is good news| Weekly Market Update

21 June, 2024

There doesn’t feel like there is much uncertainty hanging over markets right now. I haven’t mentioned the upcoming UK election in my weekly notes yet… Read More

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Diversification is working again | Weekly Market Update

7 June, 2024

Of course, if I knew the best performing market over the next 10 years I would simply buy that and  both our clients and I… Read More

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What does it all mean | Weekly Market Update

31 May, 2024

Here I am, it’s Friday morning and I am writing my weekly note. I am not really someone who spends much time dwelling on questions… Read More

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Echoes of the 2010s | Weekly Market Update

24 May, 2024

One of my abiding memories of the 2010s was that at the start of each year most forecasters (including me to the extent we had… Read More

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