Echoes of the 2010s | Weekly Market Update

24 May, 2024

One of my abiding memories of the 2010s was that at the start of each year most forecasters (including me to the extent we had… Read More

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A jargon filled weekly: “Stagflation” and “the Fed put”| Weekly Market Update

17 May, 2024

This week I thought I’d write about a couple of investment jargon phrases that get thrown around by people like me, namely “stagflation” and “the… Read More

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3 things | Weekly Market Update

13 May, 2024

Often there is a disconnect between people’s own experience of something and how they think the thing is doing in general. Sometimes you see this… Read More

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Renewable energy is a success story

3 May, 2024

The UK market hit all-time highs again this week, which put me in my mind of this quote from Peter Lynch: “Far more money has… Read More

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This quarter’s best performing market is… | Weekly Market Update

30 April, 2024

This week I have some evidence that – in spite of what you may read in your normal daily newspaper – we do get some… Read More

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Interest rates, inflation (again) and the outlook for the UK | Weekly Market Update

19 April, 2024

It’s a day with a Y in it so it’s probably time to write about interest rates and inflation again. Rather like the start of… Read More

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2024 Q1 ESG Market Review

18 April, 2024

Why I want to own ESG in a recession The probability of a recession in 2024 according to Bloomberg consensus is 55 percent. This is far from the 70 percent predicted... Read More

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2024 Q1 Market Review

18 April, 2024

Summary The global economy remains resilient and, if anything, we have recently seen signs of re-acceleration. Manufacturing looks to be recovering after a tough 2023… Read More

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Why is the yen so weak? | Weekly Market Update

12 April, 2024

One question I asked in my overview for clients of the first quarter of the year (available, as always, on request) was how growth has… Read More

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Maybe we aren’t that different after all | Weekly Market Update

10 April, 2024

I have just written our quarterly investment review and, as ever, it gives our take on what is going in investment markets and our outlook… Read More

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