Client mailbag | Weekly Market Update

28 November, 2023

I had two client questions in this week. Here they are: 1. Just the one outstanding question for IPS regarding the US: We have c. Read More

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Fixing a broken toilet | Weekly Market Update

21 November, 2023

Asking economists for investment advice is like asking a physicist to fix a broken toilet. Not their field, though sort of related – Milton Friedman… Read More

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The UK does look very cheap | Weekly Market Update

14 November, 2023

One thing about markets is that they train you to slowly ignore things that on the face of it look very strange. Then, once you’ve… Read More

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I hope The Times and the BBC are wrong | Weekly Market Update

7 November, 2023

I have written here before about how front covers from The Economist magazine can often mark the end for a particular trend. One famous example… Read More

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Israel/Hamas and markets | Weekly Market Update

31 October, 2023

Plenty has already been written about the new war in the Middle East between Hamas and Israel. I do not mean to add much to… Read More

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Crested newts, house prices and employment | Weekly Market Update

23 October, 2023

IPS did their annual volunteering day at an urban farm in Spitalfields yesterday. As I was mucking out the donkey stables, the staff told me… Read More

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The difference between perfection and bad luck is less than you think | Weekly Market Update

17 October, 2023

This week: how active should you be as an investor? I think there are broadly two sorts of activity. One is jumping in and out… Read More

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2023 Q3 ESG Market Review

11 October, 2023

Why I want to own ESG in a recession The probability of a recession in 2024 according to Bloomberg consensus is 55 percent. This is far from the 70 percent predicted... Read More

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2023 Q3 Market Review

11 October, 2023

Summary The peak for interest rates looks to be in (or nearly in) at 5.25% in the UK and 5.5% in the US. This is… Read More

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The Yin and Yang of China | Weekly Market Update

10 October, 2023

I wrote our quarterly outlook piece this week which covered the major markets we invest in (equities, fixed income and alternatives) and how they look… Read More

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