2023 Q2 Market Review

12 July, 2023

Summary 2023 has continued to surprise forecasters. Equities rose inQ2 as the much-anticipated slowdown has yet to materialise. The global economy has been remarkably resilient… Read More

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UK exceptionalism and why I want it to end | Weekly Market Update

4 July, 2023

I wrote last week about how we weren’t – even with rates at 5% or more – putting much cash on deposit for clients. Read More

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How attractive is cash today? | Weekly Market Update

28 June, 2023

UK interest rates hit 5% last week and are now expected to rise to over 6% by the end of the year. One fair question… Read More

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A tale of two inflations | Weekly Market Update

20 June, 2023

For much of the 2010s central banks kept cutting interest rates and buying bonds to try and pump money into the economy to boost growth. Read More

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Why is oil becoming cheaper? | Weekly Market Update

13 June, 2023

Last weekend OPEC met and Saudi Arabia announced an oil production cut of 1m barrels per day. This is on top of a 2m barrels… Read More

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China stick or twist? | Weekly Market Update

6 June, 2023

Probably the biggest disappointment for investors so far this year has been China. At the end of 2022, being overweight China as it (finally) released… Read More

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Why is UK inflation still high? | Weekly Market Update

30 May, 2023

This week it is my favourite two topics, inflation and sex. On the first one, inflation numbers came out of the UK this week and… Read More

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Are fewer people working from home? | Weekly Market Update

23 May, 2023

Equity markets have (and continue to be) stronger and less volatile than many of us thought possible at the beginning of the year. There is… Read More

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Would sterling’s recent strength continue? | Weekly Market Update

16 May, 2023

We had a question from a client this week on whether we thought sterling’s recent strength would continue. I’d guess this was in part inspired… Read More

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What is the story behind the UK equity market? | Weekly Market Update

9 May, 2023

When I look at our top two performing equity managers this year I see: (i) a global manager with a focus on high quality, defensive… Read More

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