2024 Q1 Market Review

18 April, 2024

Summary The global economy remains resilient and, if anything, we have recently seen signs of re-acceleration. Manufacturing looks to be recovering after a tough 2023… Read More

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Why is the yen so weak? | Weekly Market Update

12 April, 2024

One question I asked in my overview for clients of the first quarter of the year (available, as always, on request) was how growth has… Read More

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Maybe we aren’t that different after all | Weekly Market Update

10 April, 2024

I have just written our quarterly investment review and, as ever, it gives our take on what is going in investment markets and our outlook… Read More

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This year’s other winners | Weekly Market Update

28 March, 2024

A free personal assistant for everyone and a weight loss drug that actually works. These are, I think, the most important developments of the last… Read More

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Commercial property looks interesting again | Weekly Market

22 March, 2024

It was a big week for those of us with mortgages. The Bank of England met on Wednesday and it looks like the first interest… Read More

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A (small) shot in the arm for the UK | Weekly Market Update

7 March, 2024

So the Chancellor did indeed introduce a ‘British ISA’. It was small (£5k per person) and will probably have a very limited impact as (i)… Read More

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The potential impact of a British ISA | Weekly Market Update

5 March, 2024

Jeremy Hunt, the UK Chancellor, hinted this week that he might introduce a “British ISA” in this week’s budget. The aim would be to encourage… Read More

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Nvidia vs Germany | Weekly Market Update

27 February, 2024

I write a lot here about inflation, interest rates and the economy. But this is (at best) half the story of what really moves markets. Read More

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Just cut rates already | Weekly Market Update

20 February, 2024

If you awoke from a coma and someone told you that the UK economy was in recession and inflation was negative, I’d hope that you’d… Read More

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Trump or Biden? | Weekly Market Update

12 February, 2024

I was sent a client question this week: who will be better for my investments Biden or Trump? This is a good question because there,… Read More

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